After working in the food service field for over 40 years, recently as an Executive Chef, I made a change. I started changing how I speak to my Team in the kitchens I work in. I was appalled one day when one of my cooks was swearing in the kitchen and everything CHANGED.

People were looking to me to make CHANGES, so I did. NO SWEARING ALLOWED started.

I came up with a substitute of not swearing in the kitchen. Found other words to use like "No Shiitake" in place of !@#$. The women of the kitchen laughed. And the laughter keeps coming. "Mother Hubbard", "Flip a Switch" and a "What the Feta?" started a journey that allows me to place these words on t-shirts, travel mugs, bags and more.

So, use your imagination when you get upset. I deal with this kitchen anger everyday, and you have to defuse it...with laughter.

What the Falafel ???

Dropped a Beet Apron

In the Details

To keep yourself safe in any kitchen, cooks, bakers and chefs use many PPE's - Personal Protective Equipment: such as oven mitts, slip resistant shoes or clogs, cutting gloves, and aprons. Aprons give you another layer of protection from the foods we work with.

Flour, sauces and oils we are cooking with spread faster than you realize. To keep yourself, and family clean, take a look at our collection of aprons. And stay safe.

Food Aprons